Product Comparison: Fitbit Inspire Vs. Blaze

I’ve been using a Fitbit since 2017 and I find it a fun gadget that’s very easy to use and if you happen to be athletically inclined or into physical fitness, it’s your go-to buddy!

My first Fitbit was the Blaze and while it’s not too sleek and not very aesthetic, the features it has totally won me over! With notifications ranging from calls and messages from the phone, to WhatsApp and even Skype calls buzzing on your wrist, to picking up change in pace while working out, this smartwatch is a good investment to make. It doesn’t allow you to answer the calls or messages however.

It tracks the following:

  • Heartbeats per minute (BMP)
  • Active minutes
  • Calories
  • Steps
  • Sleep patterns.

The more specific physical activities it is programmed to pick up:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Cycling (outdoors as compared to the stationary bike)
  • Elliptical
  • Treadmill

As the mother of a sometimes highly exuberant child, its Relaxation mode also helps me get into a calmer zone. It’s a very good companion while walking because you can sync your phones music to the watch and change the songs with a quick tap of the finger on the watch face.

Now onto the Inspire. Unfortunately, I was not inspired post the purchase.

This is where the Inspire scores over the Blaze:

  • It’s waterproof (Yay for wearing it while swimming laps or wearing it in the rains)
  • It’s sleek
  • It’s lighter
  • It’s more aesthetic.
  • It has more colors for those who want more variety in the look and feel.

This was the primary way the product let me down- it’s struggle to lock the straps together! The little metal button refuses to click into one of the notches. I was actually getting into the fat burning zone due to my struggles with the locking mechanism. While it also gives you many of the notifications that the Blaze does, the Inspire’s meant to be synced to one phone/account at a time and unfortunately doesn’t generate a separate dashboard when synced with the pre-existing Fitbit app on my phone. Still working out the kinks in that one.

Thankfully wrt the straps issue, this product came to my rescue. Available in Small and Large, the Inspire now graces my child’s hand.

It boils down this- do you want a minimalistic look? Or do you want a whole range of features? And what of the budget? Well as on date the Inspire retails at Rs.8,999 on the Fitbit Indian site (with variations of upto Rs.2000-3000 on the popular e-commerce sites). Whereas the Blaze is no longer available on the company site. It retails at Rs.19,999 with discounts of up to Rs.4000 from site to site.

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