Guest Review: Room Spray

When we step into a room, the way it looks and especially how it smells does a lot to impact us. A fresh, light smell puts us in a good mood and heavy, strong smells usually help clear a room fairly quickly. We don’t always think about it but our homes are a reflection of us, our thoughts and definitely our moods.

Our guest reviewer today, Poorvi, is a mompreneur, a mommy blogger, a mother to two beautiful children and one who has won many accolades in her academic and professional lives.

While she has been taking stock of things during the lockdown, she’s found that this particular product has helped her find a small sea of calm in what can be a rather chaotic set-up when kids are cooped up indoors for weeks on end. She recommends Eucalyptus&Kaffir Lime Spray that she sourced at @Home. An offering of Rosemoore’s home fragrances, this is a recent buy for her and she loves it!

In her own words, this is what the product’s all about, ” It is user friendly – just a few spritzes wherever you like! During quarantine, everyone wants an inviting and calming environment in their homes. Locked up rooms, especially bathrooms can make rooms smell musty! Add rains to the mix and you don’t know what smell you’ll be greeted with. A refreshing room spray twice a day can do wonders! So here we are – I tried the Rosemoore Eucalyptus and Kaffir Lime Room Spray. A few spritzes and you’ll smile when you inhale.It is not super easy on the purse within its category. There are enough competitors in the home fragrance market. It is 590 Rs. for 100 ml, although online you may get it for a discount. Amazon for e.g. has it on 10% sale.”

So whether you’re battling the lockdown blues or just want to your home to smell fresh, citrusy and tangy- this product may well put a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

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