Product Recommendation: Menstrual Cup

I honestly believe that this is a revolutionary product which will change the way women look at their cycles. With prime importance given to the physical comfort, the benefits of this product are far reaching and spill over many spheres of our lives.

Let’s start with a brand that I’ve been using for the past 6 months with the learning curve being very sharp and acclimatisation easy and smooth.

Made of medical-grade silicone, this cup is soft and easy to maneuver and equally easy to clean and sanitize. The personal benefits for me well outnumber the semi-negatives of which is just one-you do get your hands dirty a little bit; literally.

But barring the obvious reduction in carbon footprints from not using pads and tampons, the cup is so flexible and light, that one almost forgets that they are wearing something inside their body.

It comes with a cotton pouch and is very easy to clean. After a point of time, the ease of use, sanitising gets into a routine and the time taken is, at the most, 2 minutes. And it brings hours of comfort, worry-free sleep at nights and I have yet to experience any leakages so it’s actually aces in my book!

This product retails at Rs.299 on Amazon and Rs.399 on the Sirona website.

I would recommend a hygiene wash along with it just to add to the freshness factor. I tried out Sirona’s intimate wash and found it adequate. What I really liked was a similar offering from The Period Hub.

Of the two, I would recommend the product from The Period Hub because it’s a home grown business and are committed to helping women from all walks of life secure their menstrual health naturally.

Make the choice to switch to a cup today and experience the difference. It may well change your life!

4 thoughts on “Product Recommendation: Menstrual Cup

  1. Menstrual cup is a true true blessing! I regret not using it earlier in my life. It’s so easy to use, easy on pockets and also keeps the mother nature little less pad free!

    The period hub is a unique concept for one stop shop for all female hygiene and period related products.


    1. I agree completely! It has changed my outlook about this process for sure and I really appreciate the thought that went into The Period Hub. They’re truly doing their bit for women and society overall.


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