Product Recommendation: Cold Pressed Juice

This concept has been envogue for a while now. Anything “cold-pressed” seems to be the way to go. Juices and oils suddenly have their refined, preserved versions which battle it out with their cold-pressed and natural versions. And despite the debate about which type is better, I’ve tried out this brand recently and I like their taste and variety and most importantly, it makes me feel fresh and energised.

Am using a package that is part of their daily wellness. Priced at Rs.2600 for 26 bottles, this isn’t the cheapest thing on the market but you feel quite fresh from the first gulp onwards. Which is also the time you realize that there juices aren’t loaded with sugar or anything remotely sweet and what you are tasting are the fruits and veggies alone. The mixes of juices and flavours are quite interesting. The tang of kokum, the slight aftertaste of beet and spinach and the grittiness of watermelon, all come through in their blends.

If there’s any drawback at this time it would be this- the juice bottles which are 250 ml, can feel a bit small when you need hydrating and ideally could be increased to either 300 or 350 ml to keep you satiated for longer durations. Also, at Rs.100 a pop, one ideally would like a glass bottle or a plastic bottle that’s taken back for recycling. But the company reps have said that both plans are in their pipeline.

Currently available in Hyderabad, this brand is worth a try before you decide if juicing it up is what works for you.

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