Product Review: The Bodyshop Peppermint Foot Scrub

Our feet are possibly the most neglected part of our bodies. Till they get chapped, the heels cracked or the arches pained; we seldom proactively take care of them. The primary reasons for that are a) rarely do people see our feet beyond the painted toenails and b) it is much harder to care for your feet properly than other parts of your body. 

Be as it may, most of us (including the men who scoff at spa days), find immense relief and relaxation in soaking our feet, getting them buffed, scrubbed and feeling rejuvenated. A well-scrubbed foot makes the entire body feel lighter and with good reason; our feet literally hold us up. We can’t do enough to keep them in shape!

A good soak (roughly 10 mins) in moderate to fairly warm water is the start of any good foot care regime. Our heels and toes tend to have a good bit of wear and tear and the hot warm goes a long way loosening up dirt and grime and helps this next product really do it’s job!Peppermint Soothing Foot Scrub

The peppermint foot care range from The Body Shop is really aces in my book! And amongst that, this product stands out because while it soothes, it heals, cleanses and smell of peppermint relaxes the mind.

With ground pumice to help the process of exfoliation, this product is a must have for me. Whether it’s in the summers or the dry winters, a fortnightly application of it goes a long way in keeping the skin of your feet fresh and clean.

For best results consider using the cooling foot spray and the gel and/or the foot cream post the scrub down. For people living in humid places, I would recommend the gel over the cream since it gets absorbed into the skin faster and is significantly less slippery. In winter however, the creams scores over the gel.

Get on your happy feet groove on!


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