Product Review: Lush Ocean Salt Scrub

With an Indian summer looming over us with intermittent spells of rains and humidity, body care becomes that much more essential. Feeling fresh is something we cannot put enough of a premium on. It not only adds to our hygiene but a heightened sense of well-being; in mind and body both.

The product being highlighted today ticks off all the boxes in that regard and falls short in a critical aspect- cost. While the offerings from Lush has its dedicated consumer base, outside UK and USA the sourcing of the products proves to be challenging and more often than not, cost-prohibitive.

Ocean Salt

A few years ago, Lush had its outlets in the metros and in the bigger malls in India. However, even with the craze Indians feel towards “imported goods”, it was difficult to sustain their required bottom line and now the products retail online and are fairly untouchable by most due to the 4-5 digit price tags they tend to sport. However, if the opportunity presents itself to try out their bath and body line, do consider their Ocean Salt offering. It’s a sea breeze in a tub. A recycled plastic one to boot!

With a thick paste-like appearance and feel, the granules start to cool the skin within seconds of application.  However, the cooling is subtle and dissimilar to using products with peppermint in them. It does take two rinses to get off the residue but by then you are feeling so upbeat that an extra 2 minutes under the shower is no hardship.

Few thing to watch out for- if you have any cuts and open wounds on the skin, avoid using the product because it will sting and even burn a bit. And while it is suitable for the face; be extra careful using it around the eyes. It is salt-based after all.

If you like using your scrub by the handfuls, this one will probably lighten your bank account considerably unless you go by the less-is-more philosophy. On the flip side, Lush is known for their cruelty-free testings, so you don’t need to worry too much about allergic reactions.

Like with all scrubs, it is best to use on a patch of skin first and see if any rashes appear. And then use 2-3 times a week. Too much exfoliation scrubs away more than the dead cells, it can leave skin looking rough and robs it of moisture and the oils that keep it hydrated.

Go head, Lush it up and take a dip in the ocean with their Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub.

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